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As 14impressions is based on the ideology of creating impressions over the internet for students. We have provided PharMSkooL as a platform to showcase your skills and get your IMPRESSIONS. All you need to do is…reach us with your content (if you have any), or you can also get ideas from us and work on them.

But it isn’t that easy as it sounds…! You need to follow a set of guidelines to get published.

  1. Your content must be original.
  2. It should not have any grammar mistakes.
  3. It should be plagiarism free, however a plagiarism of 10% is accepted for certain topics.
  4. Before writing, look over the website so that you won't write the same thing which is already present [Note: Your content will be rejected if it is already on the website].
  5. Your content must have more than 5 references.
  6. It should not be referred to or copied from SlideShare.
  7. The post or topic should have a minimum of 700+ words, the minimum word count might vary with the topic submitted or assigned.

To Be Noted: Your content may be modified as per SEO guidelines.

For more info please feel free to CONTACT US (working hours are 10am to 10pm).

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